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Golden Pages

She who has died... Chopin, funeral march
She was too fragile... Albinoni-Giazotto, adagio G moll
This empty body... Roncalli, suite G dur - gavotte
It was a vile, dirty autumn... Haynd, Symphony 45
She wanted to live... Vivaldi, The seasons - winter, allegro
She could not... Macias, Zingarella
She has never been "madam"... Bach, Bourrée
She did not need money... Macias, (Ethem Adnan Ergil) O Melisa
Water was her element... Liszt, Liebestraum
She did not like the electric... Beethoven, Sonata #14 adagio
She loved beauty... Schubert, Ständchen
She liked bright colors... (Julio Iglesias) Agua dulce, agua sala
She was created... Mozart, Requiem - Lacrimosa
A person is... Salvatore Adamo, J'aime
She knew English... Chopin, Waltz in cis minor
Modesty, restraint... Verdi, Nabucco - Choir of the Hebrew slaves
Her favorite flower... (Acker Bilk) La Playa
Her two passions... Vangelis, A little mermaid
She liked stars... Vivaldi, Concerto for 4 violins h moll, allegro
France was a dream... (Edith Piaf) La Marseillaise
She loved France... Rameau, La livri
She liked red poppies... (Paul Mauriat) Minuetto
Sometimes, exotic flowers... (Zülfü Livaneli) Yiğidim Aslanım
She did not like much talking... (Fausto Papetti) Amado mio
Shakespeare—that is not hers... (Johnny Hallyday) Ophelia, oh my folly
To be right... (Julio Iglesias) Gozar la vida
In France, they celebrate... (Edith Piaf) No, I don't regret about anything
She was beauty... (Henry Salvador) A little flower
A phone camera... Theodorakis, A red rose
She was born in early spring... Mozart, Symphony 40 part 1
She liked different flowers... (Felix Slovachek) A little flower
She was born in the Far East... (Johnny Hallyday) Ma gueule
Beauty in everything... (Francis Goya) Ballade for Adeline
Paris is more than France... (Yves Montand) In Paris
There is the Paris of great monuments... (Edith Piaf) Under the Paris sky
She preferred living Paris... Macias, Paris you have embraced me
She saw it on a picture... Nautilus Pompilius, Walking on the waters
The world is rich in beauty... (Francis Goya) Emmanuelle
Forests were her life... Haendel, organ concerto 3 g moll, adagio
For her, Paris was...
Lully:     Alceste, act V
Te Deum, pt.1
Ballet du temple de la paix, pt.4
Ballet des plaisirs, sarabande
Te Deum, pt.2
Miserere, pt.1
Don't get into debate... Hadjidakis, (Alexandra) Deep is the see
She is always among the roses... Bach, (Schmidt) Ich ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ
Armik, Dancing Shadows
Roses, why are they crying?.. Vivaldi, The Seasons - summer, presto
Vivaldi, The Seasons - autumn, adagio molto
She loved theater... Theodorakis, Everything's light
She did not like to decide... (Francis Goya) Concierto de Aranjuez
And the whole life in between... Bach, (Reusman) Ich ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ
She liked the sound of organ... Albinoni-Giazotto-Grodberg, adagio G moll
She did not like winter... Vivaldi, Concerto grosso 11 d moll, largo e spiccato

Blue Pages

When I proposed... Sanz, Spanish suite #1 (Españoletas)
Early years Saint-Saens, The swan
She did not like to get... Rameau, La timide
She is gone... Villa-Lobos, Bahiana 5, aria
Here is what has survived... [Notre Dame de Paris] Belle
She liked to sit and watch... (Joe Dassin) If you did not exist
The moments of pleasure... (Salvatore Adamo) It's snowing
One cannot imagine... Chopin, Nocturne
Among her favorites... Albinoni, sonata 1 D moll op4 - adagio
She liked travelling... Albinoni, sonata 9 F dur op7 - adagio
(Helen's voice) Cats
Bach, St John Passion, O grosse lieb
Iveria, Argo
(Johnny Hallyday) I loved her
How strange... Theodorakis, Requiem - amen
She was like nobody... Nautilus Pompilius, Tutankhamun
She danced all life through... Los paraguayos, Besame mucho
She always liked music... Schubert, Ständchen
She loved the swings... Hadjidakis, Dance with a Mask

Gray Pages

One can persuade... Mozart, Requiem - Dies Irae
It is often said... (Yves Montand) The fallen leaves
The home gets empty... Albinoni, sonata 4 G moll op4 - adagio
Yes, I was obliged... Mozart, Requiem - Rex tremendae
Yes, she was hard to live with... (Nilüfer) Çok uzaklarda
If she had died... Bach, St Matthew Passion, Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder
Death is never... Beethoven, Symphony #5, allegro con brio
It is only now... Haendel, Organ concerto #4, adagio
She did not care for pictures... Julio Iglesias, Baila morena

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